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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yagoo Bing: my own world of freedom, peace & independence

Now is 10.01 PM in somewhere in the world...

I've just finished configuring my blog - my second life. I know the virtual world is just a big illusion (like the love that MLTR sang about - I also have my love for my blog), but at least I have my own world of freedom, peace & independence. You see, where in the real world can give you even 1 minute of peace in your mind? Nowhere... nowhere but my second life. I will write about what I think, talk the way my heart want to share.

What do the main topics talk about? As you saw on the title: Art, Life Style, Culture & Entertainment around hundreds of countries. You are welcome!


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I am Yagoobing, the name combined from Yahoo, Google and Bing famous search engines. I love sharing interesting things, playing with words and controlling my online community. Thanks for your visitting.