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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The light outside my door

It's 11.41 AM now in somewhere in the world...

It's raining and the sky, the scenes & everything are so pure. I can't remember clearly, how long have I worked in such a dark office? may be too long...

My career kept me busy in a messing world of code lines, then I forgot everything interesting in this life, so bad, I forgot my friend, forgot my sky, my cloud, my light. But today, when I heard rain sound outside my door, I opened the door, the light & pure air filled up my room, filled up my mind. It's so beautiful outside. I realized that I had wasted my time for coding & coding. From now on, a new mind with a new way of living will change my life, I think I also have so many things to do, so many purposes to live.

Yagoo, Go ahead. Don't miss anything precious in your life! Once again...


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