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Friday, June 19, 2009

The python with human head and blond hair in Vietnam. True or just a story?

I came to Soc Trang province of Vietnam - one south east country in Asia. I heard everyone saying about appearing 1 hundred-year-old python having human head with blond hair and 2 small & thin arms with 3 fingers for each. It (the python of course) had a dull face, wet eyes like it's crying and looked no cruel like what I'd imagined about. However, I couldn't be face to face with it to check if this's true or fake. What I could get was just information from the people living here and the video you'll watch below. By the way, let me explain something about the dull face & the wet eyes..... Why dull, why wet?

Once upon a time, there's living an old man in an old house in Soc Trang - Vietnam. He was very poor. One day, he decided to sell his small cottage to gain some money for his living. That night, he dreamed: one couple came to him and said: "we will make you rich with one condition, please keep this house and don't mess it up!". He waked up in the early morning, a bit surprised by the dream, but soon forgot because he thought it's just a fabulous story. He came to the market to buy some food, and bought 2 lottery tickets on the same occasion (He sometimes bought them with the hope to grow rich). Fortunately, he became millionaire in the afternoon - He won the lottery! However, he thought it was fortune, not related to the dream. Then he sold his house and changed his address, no one knew where he came then....

The new house lady began to rebuild the old space by calling the Kobe to destroy the house, scooped the ground. When doing that, they accidentally cut the head of one female python living in underground corner, and the male python ran away. Along time from that period, everything seemed diving in deep time. But one day, people in this province saw "him" scrolling his body in a dull and tired way in a garden of one pagoda named Bat pagoda (too many bats came to live here more and more, days after days). "He" didn't intend to attack anyone nearby, just looking at somewhere so far with a dull & wet eyes. They said "he" was missing his wife, the only friend of his life.

I won't said this is true or false, but the story made me think about our human beings.... Hope you have pleasure to watch this video and leave me some comments. Thank you.

This content is copyrighted by Yagoo Bing. The python clip belonged to its owner.


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