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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The most wonderful skybars we've ever seen (Part 2)

6. Hong Kong Azure Restaurant Slash Bar (30 floors)

View from Azure / Photo from specialfx

More than the drinks, what draws tourists here is the prospect of looking down at the city lights from such a dizzying height. However, if you want your drinks all the same, you can discover separate modes for relaxation in the 29th and 30th floors and feel the vibrant spirit of the city in the soft jazz played in the background.

Photo from anotherview

7. Los Angeles Skybar

Los Angeles - Mondrian Skybar / Photo from Jess & Jason

Located in West Hollywood’s Mondrian hotel, this skybar is known for offering splendid sunset views of the Pacific. Normally the hot spot for the assembling of the movie stars, this deluxe skybar lounge promises to leave you starry-eyed. But the external view consisting of the glittering Los Angeles nightlife and the clouds is no less captivating.

Skybar - Mondrian / Photo from hellomartin

8. Berlin TV Tower (368 meters)

Bar at the observation deck of Berlin TV Tower (203,78 m high above ground) / Photo from Vlastula

This TV tower located in Alexanderplatz built by the East German government is reportedly the tallest structure in the entire Berlin. Its shiny steel sphere just under the antenna of the tower is the most eye-catching aspect of the tower and you can take a close look from 203 meters above ground. To make matters grander, the government lends out the tower for fancy weddings.

Berlin TV Tower viewing platform
/ Photo from balinx

The Fernsehturm (”television tower”) in the city centre of Berlin; from the top of the Berlin Dom. / Photo from Marco Bellucci

9. Dubai Vu’s Bar (51 floors)

Dubai from Vu’s Bar at the Emirates Tower / Photo from watchful mind

This bar is raised at a grand height of 1,024ft at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, where you can enjoy a wholesome menu along with the most select range of cocktail lists. You can actually look around a sweeping view of the Dubai skyline along with the Arabian Gulf and feel the world at your feet.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Vu bar / Photo from bumblefreakcalifornia

Emirates Towers / Photo from elvis_payne

10. Sky Bar, Virginia Beach, Virginia (21 floors)

The Skybar on top of the Hilton Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA / Photo from jordanwinders

Posed above the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront, this waterfront rooftop bar seems to float in the air. You can have fantastic time looking out the shorelines of Virginia stretching towards the north and south and the Atlantic horizon in the east. You have a full scope to indulge in a splurge of the finest cocktails, menu, wine and beer.

Written by Saradia Ray & photos belonged to their owners


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