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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Man eating Python (not for weak-heart and food problem meeting ones)

"Oh my god, can't imagine someday you place yourself in a giant snake bell. Human ate them, and now they return to eat human. I used to think it's just scared movie, but..."

The pictures below allegedly document a recent incident of a snake eating a person. The accompanying stories vary as to victim (local child, camper, or oil rig crew member) and location (South America with the snake an anaconda, Borneo, and Singapore). The snake is a reticulated python.

The two pictures below obviously are of poorer quality and detail than the ones above. The pictures above also seem to have been in circulation several years before the ones below appeared. The lump appears to be of a stocky animal such as a pig rather than of a person. The person's body has very little mucus on it for having been inside a snake. Those who keep snakes well know how slimy food items get, especially when a snake regurgitates. It's difficult to ascertain where his arms are; one of them should be lying right along his side, since they would have to fold that way during the snake's feeding. His arms may be extending up into the snake to open a path for his head and chest. The upper torso appears to be within a bag inside the snake. The python's stomach and/or intestine also seem to have disappeared. Most experts suspect that these were staged photographs, though I have to give the man credit for crawling that far into the snake. In any event, no news service has ever carried a story relating to these photographs … and it would have made a great story. Some Internet sites with information on these pictures are:

The picture below was taken in Malaysia and printed in a local magazine there. The reticulated python could not completely eat the person. An adult human's shoulders present a real obstacle to the biggest snake. Whether the person already was dead or was killed by the snake remains unknown.

Poor the man, we're all regret for such accidents. Hope our human will be careful when coming to jungle or somewhere cruel like that. Lesson: equip yourself to be ready for face to face case, be always with someone or group to have the strength to protect yourself from fear and injury.

Another giant snakes in old newspaper
This scrub or amethystine python that ate an adult wallaby in Australia, sometimes turns up in the sensational press as a man-eater.

Picture published in Weekly World News on October 30, 1990. The story alleges that a 25-foot 380-pound anaconda ate a Japanese researcher in the Amazon. Since when do people wear pith helmets in the 90's? The snake itself is a reticulated python from Southeast Asia.

The same picture was modified and run a second time in the Weekly World News on January 8, 1991. This time the snake is a serial baby-eater! It has also shrunk from a HUGE 25 to a giant 13 feet. At least the location makes sense. The reticulated python occurs throughout Southeast Asia.

Two photographs submitted by Mr. A.J. "Mac" McBride of Colchester, England, to The Vivarium. He states that they were sepia postcards that a friend of his father had obtained. The second photograph reveals that the retic had eaten a deer.

All of these photos have been retouched to remove military insignia on the men's clothes. It's fairly well known that these were Japanese soldiers during World War II.

According to our village hunter's story...RIP man...All photos below belonged to their owner.


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soori on May 23, 2011 at 12:17 AM said...

very horrible creature

Lauren Copley on June 24, 2013 at 6:36 PM said...

Ahahahaha beautiful. Poor guy though - what the hell.

Lauren Copley on June 24, 2013 at 6:36 PM said...
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